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Born from layers and layers of cultures, history, traditions, tarifa has roots that are deep and strong. EMCI studio’s aim for this boutique hotel was precisely that of celebrating them and creating a story for the landmark that is Posada La Sacristia. The design intent was to create the feeling, that rather than a hotel, La Sacristia was actually the home of a Bohemian Andalusian aristocrat.

Freshly purchased, the hotel required a renovation that could bring to life the identity of the property as well as that of Tarifa. Drawing inspiration all the way from Andalusian old towns and natural landscapes to Marrakesh spices and Moorish architecture, the space aims at reminding the client of the geographical location of Tarifa. A town sitting between two cultures, a window over another continent, at the heart of the mythological pillars of Hercules.

La Sacristia is a reflection of Marie Caroline’s ability to create immersive experiences and bring a new flair to local crafts and materials. From bespoke Moorish-inspired headboards and trellises to architectural details; and from esparto-panels to rattan bar skirting; the result is an intimate and unique space that brings a sophisticated and yet eclectic twist to Tarifa’s Bohemian style.