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El Patio

Nestled amongst the Marbella Club Hotel’s jasmine trees and trellis woodwork, El Patio is the hotel’s best kept secret. The restaurant is designed to invite guests to lose track of time and enjoy long lunches and dinners or just sip a coffee while breathing an all-year-round feeling of a carefree summer. Its colour palette, inspired by Andalucía’s rolling hills, comes to life with the Mediterranean light creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

El Patio is a masterly mix of Andalusian folklore and traditions with a Bohemian chic twist. From raffia walls, trellis woodwork and paired back linens, local materials are creatively reinterpreted and given a new more sophisticated life. An example of elaborate and detailed execution of traditional handcraft pushed to new standards, the fireplace is one of the highlights of the space: inspired by Marie Caroline’s Austrian roots it displays mythological figures of Sea Gods and Andalusian folklore.